There’s a very popular leisure centre on the Bradley Stoke housing development. The leisure centre is a family -oriented place with all sorts of really popular attractions including a swimming pool.

The pool features a very large glazed end elevation with views outward for swimmers and staff to an area dense woodland and to one of the estate’s main roads. From the outside, anyone could see straight into the swimming pool area whether they’re driving or strolling past, or walking in the woods. The swimmers didn’t like that. Continue reading “PRIVACY FOR LEISURE CENTRE WINDOWS”

Out of sight, out of mind

Did you know that in the UK, the 7th of July is the third worst day of the year for burglaries, up 12% on the annual norm? 

But don’t panic!!

Shutting the curtains before you make your way to Spain this summer may seem very basic, but keeping expensive items hidden from prying eyes, is one of the best ways to deter would-be burglars.

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Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film Range

Privacy Window Film applied to a building
Privacy Window Film applied to a building

Contra Vision is harnessing its expertise and reputation in one-way vision technology to launch a range of privacy window film products, providing an attractive and clever way to hide the view into buildings while maintaining a remarkable level of see-through from inside.

View-through Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film
View-through Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film

We offer standard white on black perforated films for either outside or inside window mount, translucent white perforated for day and night privacy and we are experimenting with a range of decorative designs for something more colourful. The films are supplied ready to install and do not require printing.

Unlike conventional window tinting, reflective or mirrored window films, Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films™ do not block the view outside at night. These other films turn into mirrors at night when looking from inside an illuminated room. Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films™ also avoid the dazzle and uncomfortable glare from reflective/mirror films when viewed from the outside and help to minimise bird collisions.

We are looking for window film companies to incorporate our products into their range and spread the word about the multiple benefits of Contra Vision®.

Whatever your requirement for privacy, there should be an option to suit you and as this example on a private home demonstrates, the transformation is subtle on the outside, effective from the inside and very easy to apply and remove.

Contra Vision® provides instant privacy for a rural barn in a location popular with walkers, find out more….