How small can you go?

Our Performance HD White on Black film is proving to be a huge hit for customers who demand the finest detail, coupled with a super smooth see-through from the other side.

With recent installations on both sides of the Atlantic, Performance HD is proving that when it comes to superior quality, Contra Vision is head and shoulders above the competition.

In Liverpool, UK, Tate Gallery chose to use HD on its perimeter windows to promote recent exhibitions. As one of the most respected galleries in the world, image quality is of paramount importance and HD was definitely up to the job. Continue reading “How small can you go?”

SWS Signage and Starleaton bring Uni past to life…

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SWS Signage, together with media supplier Starleaton, has created an innovative solution to hide building works inside the University of Newcastle, printing one way films with images that reflect the heritage of building.

To hide the interior refurbishment works, the university turned to SWS Signage, based in nearby Sandgate. SWS printed archival photos from the 1920s and ’30s onto Performance HD White on Black Perforated Window Film, designed for one-way viewing. “They wanted a solution that created some privacy for them, and also made sure that the artwork displayed in the windows reflected the heritage of the building,” said Jay Miller, sales executive at SWS.

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