Five reasons why Contra Vision is the number one choice with specifiers and printers

Every window and every project is unique, that’s why we have a range of films that perfectly suits every application.

Whether you are looking for a product suitable for 6 months or one that lasts over 36 months our expansive product range offers solutions for both.

See-though graphics don’t always have to be applied to the outside of a window. Internally applied graphics are ideal for applications where access to the outside is restricted.

We offer a range of films from low transparency (80/20) for vibrant image impact and maximum privacy, to high transparency (50/50) to maximise though-vision and daylight inside…

…and if it’s both you’re after, then our EXCLUSIVE HD FILM is the one for you.

Contra Vision is the NUMBER ONE CHOICE with specifiers and printers globally.

Here’s why…


#1 CREATE| Achieve your vision

Providing unlimited design options, inspirational ideas and advice following our first invention in 1982.


#2 PRINT| Right first time

Great results with a wide range of print technologies. Contra Vision® Grayliner to get the colours right.


#3 INSTALL| Trouble-Free

High and low temperature installation with options for inside or outside window application.


#4 ON WINDOW| Peace of mind

Reliable adhesion and great looking results for the entire duration of the project.


#4 REMOVE| Quick and clean

Minimal tearing and adhesive residue. All that’s left after a spectacular campaign is a clean window.


Further information about our award winning range of perforated window films can be found here.