Translucent White – Definitely fit for purpose

David Lloyd - Contra Vision Backlite on the Rotunda

Contra Vision’s ‘Performance Translucent White’ perforated window film, was recently used by Ensign to excellent effect on the David Lloyd Gym at the Rotunda in Kingston, London

On such a landmark building it was vital that the graphics could be clearly seen by passers-by. However, more importantly, David Lloyd wanted to ensure customers training inside the gym still had plenty of light passing through the glass-fronted gymnasium and could also enjoy the view out to the street below. This is a vibrant area in the evening and a key reason so many people choose the gym for their training.

Performance Translucent White 20% was the ideal choice. Offering amazing image quality 24/7, this film is designed to allow light from inside the building to pass through, giving an extra “pop” to the graphics at night.

The installation posed many challenges. Before everything could move ahead, pedestrian access, an in-depth health and safety risk assessment and working at height implications were all considered and the relevant permits obtained.

The gym is directly above Kingston’s busy tube station, so closure of the pavement and limiting pedestrian access, meant that the installation team could only work between the hours of 11:00 at night till 6:00 in the morning. On top of this, they were working at a height of 21m and had to consider how night time temperatures could affect a successful installation. Again, Translucent White was more than up to the job, having a minimum installation temperature lower than many products on the market.

Printed using a Vutek GS3200 the completed job delighted both David Lloyd, the passers by and a host of hard working gym-goers.

Landmark scale promotion for Sport Relief

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ window graphics help promote a great, national cause…

Sport Relief raises money to help people live happier, healthier, safer lives. It’s a great cause and one that is well known in households across the UK. Working with corporate partners, of which one is the BBC, Sport Relief promotes a range of fundraising activities and events, fronted by television and sporting celebrities, and culminating in an exciting televised night of entertainment on BBC One.

Sport Relief Contra Vision One Way Perforated Vinyl

Part of this year’s promotional spectrum included a landmark-scale Contra Vision® installation on the massive glazed fascia of the BBC’s, the UK’s largest national broadcasting channel, studios at Media City in Manchester.

Sport Relief 2018 TW30 (1)Sport Relief 2018 TW30 (3)

The installation, which dominates the building, was the work of The Creative Place, based in Watford.  Starting with the Sports Relief brand elements, the team at The Creative Place designed a head-turning graphic with the intention of raising awareness of the televised event which was being broadcast from Media City for the first time.  All of the graphics were printed in-house and contour-cut prior to application using a Zund digital cutter and installed by their in-house installation team.

The Creative Place used Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ perforated translucent window film for the project.  Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ features a novel construction which delivers stand-out impact when seen from the design side of the graphic even in difficult lighting conditions after dark.  From the inside, a view through the graphic is maintained and so is the open feel of the area behind the gigantic glazed fascia.

The Creative Place has worked for the BBC for over a decade and its promotion of Sport Relief certainly achieved its goals. Landmark-scale impact using glazed surfaces that would be out-of-bounds for solid graphics invite more applications in place-branding and event promotion.

Events being what they are, the installation was a temporary one.  However, Contra Vision played its part over the total life of the graphic.  Available from the only specialist in one-way vision graphics, Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ features a specialist adhesive that makes application easy, and removal quick, clean and trouble free.  All that remained when the promotional graphics were removed, was an enduring memory of an effective promotion and not a trace of adhesive.


Perforated window film that works 24/7

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™Darker evenings are here.

Most graphics produced using perforated window film suffer from image fading when it’s dark outside and the interior is illuminated at night. Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ one-way vision window graphics don’t. They take advantage of interior lighting and remain visible*.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ one- way vision window graphics printed using Contra Vision® Performance™ Translucent White perforated window film deliver round-the-clock message visibility outside. During daylight hours, a view out from the inside is maintained through a faint ‘ghosting’ image the eye sees through.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™

Technically, Contra Vision® Performance™ Translucent White perforated window film, which is suitable for UV, Solvent, Eco-solvent and Latex technologies, features a high specification clean-remove adhesive and has a durability up to three years.

The material is available in 30% transparency (70/30), which combines excellent graphical impact with see-through capability and offers good levels of privacy and protection from solar heat gain and UV radiation.

Further information about Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ can be found here.

Contra Vision creates blooming marvellous window displays !

Blooming windows in Bermondsey.

vitrine gallery


For retailers and marketeers looking to create visual impact with high end window displays a recent Contra Vision project exemplifies what can be done.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ perforated window film makes a bold statement combining see-through graphics with an animated film to promote a designer perfume developed by artist Adham Faramawy.

The window dominates Bermondsey Square, in the heart of London’s contemporary art hub and will last until June 27th.

Artist Adham Faramawy has developed a multi-media piece combining graphics, animation and an olfactory sculpture.


Adham has an interest in how artworks can inhabit a commercial form, which the window display promotes. There is a video of the installation of our material on the link below;

Adham commented ‘ I could not be more thrilled with the Contra Vision material’. The ease of application may belie the work gone into creating this project. This installation provides a perfect example of how retailers and point of sale specialists can create innovative window displays to highlight products or campaigns.

At Contra Vision we work collaboratively with artists, designers and clients to ensure the right products are chosen to deliver such eye-catching installations.




On the 12th day of Christmas…

Whether your true love asks you or not…the 6th January is Twelfth Night and the day we all put away the Christmas decorations for another year.

This will be happening in homes around the world and also at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 where a giant decorative Christmas tree, produced using Contra Vision® will finally come down after having delighted thousands of Christmas travellers.

This was London’s largest interactive Christmas tree, which incorporated light effects so customers could tweet and see the tree light up. By choosing to print the image on Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ the client, Fisher Productions for Heathrow Airport, ensured a traditional image had a modern feel and maintained light and see through vision in a very busy airport terminal. When the image is removed on the 6th January, our clients will once again benefit from the ease and speed of removal when Contra Vision® products are applied to glass.

Please click on the image to see a youtube clip of the installation going up at Heathrow Terminal 2.

Whatever the time of year, Contra Vision® can add creativity and interest to your projects.