Out of sight, out of mind

Did you know that in the UK, the 7th of July is the third worst day of the year for burglaries, up 12% on the annual norm? 

But don’t panic!!

Shutting the curtains before you make your way to Spain this summer may seem very basic, but keeping expensive items hidden from prying eyes, is one of the best ways to deter would-be burglars.

Contra Vision Privacy Window Film

A neater solution for all year-round protection is Contra Vision’s range of Privacy Window Film.

This simple but incredibly effective self-adhesive film allows vision from inside out, whilst cleverly restricting the view into the house from nosey passers by.

Contra Vision Privacy Window FilmContra Vision Privacy Window Film

The film can be easily installed and also has the benefits of acting as a great solar shield – reducing the amount of heat entering the house. This is absolutely perfect during our current heatwave!

Computers, cash, small electrical goods and jewellery are among the most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries as they are small and relatively easy for thieves to sell on.

It’s interesting to note that 21% of people never hide their valuable possessions when leaving the house. Even more worryingly 37% of people leave portable gadgets such as laptops, tablets and phones easily accessible!!

Don’t forget, when you go away on holiday, lock your doors and windows, put your alarm on and keep those valuable items out of sight!

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Contra Vision slam dunks in LA

As anyone who follows the fortunes of the NBA will know, Team Le Bron narrowly beat Team Stephen by 148 to 145 in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

The real winners though were the charities the teams support.  The winning team will receive a $350,000 donation to a select community-based organization and the opposing team will receive $150,000 for a similar charity. The team roster was selected by the vote of fans, the media and other NBA players. It’s one game where all are agreed – the taking part is the real prize.

A big game benefitting a good cause is deserving of a head-turning promotion.  Las Vegas based Elite Media, Inc delivered the results with well created and placed Nike advertisements.  With vast experience in tight deadlines and big projects, Elite Media, Inc retained the services of Phoenix, AZ based printer BPGraphics. The project promoting the game involved landmark scale graphics applied to the all glass facade of the JW Marriott building, a four-star hotel and an iconic part of the LA skyline adjacent to the Staples Center and the 110 Freeway.  The project used a little over 80,000 sq. ft. of Contra Vision® perforated window film.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

The building wrap graphics feature Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and the instantly recognisable JUMPMAN logo.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

During the event, the graphics were featured several times in aerial TV footage and were also seen by countless thousands from the highway and the LA Live Plaza. The project had to deliver a lasting impression and yet only remain visible for two weeks including installation and removal. The installation took place the weekend before the game and removal the day after.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

The key to this project’s success, were the hyper accurate design templates BPGraphics created in partnership with their install team. Because the project did not permit covering the window mullions, these measurements resulted in seamless graphics for Nike that followed the specs of the building exactly. By starting the project with the correct mechanical specifications, we avoided timely delays associated with reprints and installation issues. As an added bonus, we decreased installation time by pre-cutting all the graphics on our computer-controlled plotter and tagging the printed material with grid locations. This latter step included a matching grid map of where every panel was to be installed to ensure the final image was re-built to sequence.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

Contra Vision® 30% perforated window film was chosen for its availability for this massive project and image quality; delivering both a clear view through for people inside the hotel and image detail for those on the ground. The material was printed on BPGraphics family of HP Latex 3600 series printers. Excellent print quality, ease of installation, quick and clean removal are all performance trademarks of the entire line of Contra Vision® perforated window films. Once printed, the BPGraphics team kit packed all the graphics according to the installation location on pallets and included all the grid maps for easy unboxing and installation.

Contra Vision® perforated window film features a novel adhesive that is compliant during application and is designed to support the clean removal of the film when needed. Contra Vision’s material performed faultlessly when the time came.  All that remained was a lasting impression and not a trace of adhesive.

You can view additional images at bpgraphics.com of the final project.



Some like it hot. Contra Vision has its day in the sun

Exterior graphics that have seen a few summers often look well past their prime. Prolonged exposure to the sun in particular can be very damaging. The inks that are typically used to print exterior graphics will begin to fade noticeably, and the fabric of the material used can also undergo changes. It may become brittle, chalky or even start to peel at the edges.

Were you to experience the conditions at 24 degrees North, 54 degrees East, you’d find them particularly challenging. You’d be in Abu Dhabi outside TwoFour54 Media and Entertainment Free Zone and in a region of the world that manages to cram the effects of several European Summers into just one of its own.


Anticipating problems is better than having to fix them after the fact. Knowing that conditions would be difficult, Contra Vision® Performance 40% perforated window film was specified for application to the glazed façade of TwoFour54. Two years ago, the decision was made to renew the graphics which had been in place for two years longer than anticipated. The material was removed easily without leaving a trace of adhesive behind. Contra Vision was delighted to see that the material out-performed its quoted durability period.

A new installation, also using Contra Vision® Performance™ 40%, was designed and installed. Recently, a part of the glass fascia was damaged and needed repair, so part of the installed graphic was removed and a newly printed section reapplied next to the graphic in situ. Even after two years in extreme weathering conditions, there is no visible difference between the newly installed material and the existing installation.


Contra Vision® Performance™ has proven itself not only in challenging applications conditions but in an application that has undergone very close scrutiny. Contra Vision® Performance™ has impressed to the extent that it has now been specified for application at Yas Island where a similar Free Zone is being constructed. Available from the only specialists in one-way vision graphics, this material will look great for years, offer a great view out, and some welcome solar heat management too.


Contra Vision products are available in the Middle East from Blue Rhine.

Further information about Blue Rhine can be found here.



Landmark scale promotion for Sport Relief

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ window graphics help promote a great, national cause…

Sport Relief raises money to help people live happier, healthier, safer lives. It’s a great cause and one that is well known in households across the UK. Working with corporate partners, of which one is the BBC, Sport Relief promotes a range of fundraising activities and events, fronted by television and sporting celebrities, and culminating in an exciting televised night of entertainment on BBC One.

Sport Relief Contra Vision One Way Perforated Vinyl

Part of this year’s promotional spectrum included a landmark-scale Contra Vision® installation on the massive glazed fascia of the BBC’s, the UK’s largest national broadcasting channel, studios at Media City in Manchester.

Sport Relief 2018 TW30 (1)Sport Relief 2018 TW30 (3)

The installation, which dominates the building, was the work of The Creative Place, based in Watford.  Starting with the Sports Relief brand elements, the team at The Creative Place designed a head-turning graphic with the intention of raising awareness of the televised event which was being broadcast from Media City for the first time.  All of the graphics were printed in-house and contour-cut prior to application using a Zund digital cutter and installed by their in-house installation team.

The Creative Place used Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ perforated translucent window film for the project.  Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ features a novel construction which delivers stand-out impact when seen from the design side of the graphic even in difficult lighting conditions after dark.  From the inside, a view through the graphic is maintained and so is the open feel of the area behind the gigantic glazed fascia.

The Creative Place has worked for the BBC for over a decade and its promotion of Sport Relief certainly achieved its goals. Landmark-scale impact using glazed surfaces that would be out-of-bounds for solid graphics invite more applications in place-branding and event promotion.

Events being what they are, the installation was a temporary one.  However, Contra Vision played its part over the total life of the graphic.  Available from the only specialist in one-way vision graphics, Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ features a specialist adhesive that makes application easy, and removal quick, clean and trouble free.  All that remained when the promotional graphics were removed, was an enduring memory of an effective promotion and not a trace of adhesive.


Going to the races – with Contra Vision

Advertising at the Point of Sale reaches a new audience thanks to Remote Possibilities’ pods – and Contra Vision®…

Cheltenham is home to the Cheltenham Festival, one of the biggest fixtures in the UK horse racing calendar and it’s also where Remote Possibilities and Bigger Printing have their roots.

Remote Possibilities is a specialist in portable architecture. The company’s Pod system delivers “immediate event environments” which can be conveniently transported to site, wheeled into place and plugged in. Pods’ interiors can be fully customised so they fulfil a need for a range of applications including box-offices, pop-up galleries and support for experiential events. Pods can be delivered and deployed within a day on the UK mainland.

Remote Possibilities recently worked with The Jockey Club, Cheltenham Borough Council and Bigger Printing to provide Pod-based ticket sales box-offices located near Cheltenham Station and in the town’s high street promoting the Cheltenham Festival and selling tickets to passing pedestrians.

Contra Vision and Cheltenham Festival 2018

Pods appearing out of the blue are conspicuous things in and of themselves. To ensure The Festival got its fair share of the promotional bandwidth and celebrity, Contra Vision® was used, so transforming the installed Pods into stand-out temporary advertising structures.

Given the short-term nature of the promotion and the need for the highest quality print, Contra Vision® Campaign perforated window film was specified for the job. Printed on Bigger Printing’s Oce Arizona 360, the eye-catching graphics delivered a practically uninterrupted view to the outside for anyone inside the Pod, and those on the outside couldn’t fail to see the printed creative promoting The Festival from any vantage point in the locality.

Contra Vision® Campaign™ 30% perforated material features a special adhesive which made application of the printed promotional advertisements simple enough for Remote Possibilities’ staff to undertake themselves. Removing the applied Contra Vision® Campaign™ material is a simple undertaking too – all that remains is a positive impression of the promotion, and not a trace of adhesive.

Contra Vision and Cheltenham FestivalRemote Possibilities’ Pods are hard to miss when they land. With Contra Vision®, they bring potent advertising campaigns to areas where opportunities for such campaigns would otherwise be difficult or impossible.


Iconic Balenciaga gowns transform the windows of the May Fair Hotel

Balenciaga Window Graphics at the May Fair Hotel. London

Known as ‘The Master’ of haute couture, Cristóbal Balenciaga was one of the most innovative and influential fashion designers of the last century. His exquisite craftsmanship and pioneering use of fabrics revolutionised the female silhouette, setting the tone for modern fashion.

To reflect the impact of the creative genius behind the brand, the V&A Museum worked with their partners to hold a Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition running from May 2017 to February 2018. The event is the first UK exhibition to explore the work and legacy of the Spanish couturier, showcasing over 100 garments and hats crafted by Balenciaga, his protégés and contemporary designers working in the same innovative way today. It examines Balenciaga’s work from the 1950s and 1960s when he dressed some of the most renowned women of the age and became revered by his contemporaries, including Christian Dior and Coco Chanel.

Rose Design, was charged with developing a marketing campaign to promote the exhibition at the V&A, and worked with WithPrint, Somerset, to offer various ideas including covering the windows of the prestigious May Fair Hotel, London. It was important that the experience of the guests in the hotel were not disrupted and that their views into the street were not drastically affected by the graphics. The hotel was also keen to keep the exterior windows clean and avoid covering the whole panes of glass. Contra Vision® Campaign 40% perforated window film was chosen as the best product to satisfy these requirements. From the inventors of see-through window graphics, the innovative one-way vision characteristics of Contra Vision® enable detailed images to be applied to any clear glass surface without negatively impacting the internal environment.

Internal view through the graphics

Talking about the application in more detail, Alan Smith of WithPrint commented, “The design features intricate dresses that were produced on our large format UV printer. They were then shape-cut and carefully packed. As Contra Vision® is applied dry to the windows, it helped us move quickly and install the graphics with minimal disruption to the hotel, their staff and of course most importantly the guests.”

On completion the hotel staff commented that the graphics ‘Looked amazing” and “it was almost as if the dresses were on display in real life.” They also had several guests admiring the graphics and asking about the exhibition during the install process.

It is fair to say that the combined creative talents and attention to detail of Rose Design and WithPrint perfectly encapsulates the creativity and genius of Cristóbal Balenciaga in a show-stopping application, illustrating beautifully how transformative qualities of Contra Vision® window graphics can be.

New Products & Innovations | Review of 2017

Steve Jobs once said, ‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’.

It has been an exciting year for Contra Vision, the only specialists leading the market in one-way vision window graphics. As a company that continues to invent and innovate, 2017 saw the technical preview and launch of a selection of break-through innovations at the world’s top print shows. These additions to our unrivalled range of one-way vision graphics certainly makes Steve’s statement stand true.

Contra VisionContra Vision SGIA EXPOContra Vision® HD Performance™ got its first showcase at Fespa, Hamburg followed by PacPrint, Melbourne in May.  This revolutionary micro-perforated film features holes that are 60% smaller in area than conventional products. They create minimal disruption to the graphics, allowing sharper detail and greater visual clarity.  With 40% (60/40) transparency, Contra Vision® HD Performance™ brings the image impact associated with traditional 30% (70/30) transparency perforated products and the through-vision associated with 50% (50/50) transparency perforated products.

Look at either side from beyond arm’s length and you’ll question whether it’s perforated at all!

After officially launching at SGIA in New Orleans in October. Contra Vision® HD Performance™ is now available to purchase in North America and will be available in Europe and Australasia from February 2018.

Further information about Contra Vision® HD Performance™ can be found here.

After winning SGIA’s Product of the Year 2016 with Contra Vision® Campaign™ there has been a demand to increase our monomeric one-way vision portfolio. Listening to our loyal fan base we have expanded the choice of transparency options available and we now offer an internal mount option.  Contra Vision® Campaign™ in clear shares many of the core features of our premium Contra Vision® Performance™ range, including a thick facefilm, which together with a specially designed adhesive ensures the film is easy to remove when required.

Contra Vision

Further information about our range of Contra Vision® Campaign™ products can be found here.

Finally, SGIA saw the launch of Contra Vision CL50YYR. The first in a range of unperforated printable films for window graphics applications. Contra Vision CL50YYR Ultra Clear is a premium-quality polyester film which, when applied to glazing, retains a distortion-free view through. The product’s high optical quality and UV print receptive surface make it ideally suited to the production of printed window graphics with see-through or see-past areas allowing a view, in or out, beyond the printed matter.

Further information about Contra Vision CL50YRR Ultra Clear can be found here.