The Queen’s Award Win

Contra Vision Ltd, the Stockport-based company whose Chairman, Roland Hill, developed see-through graphics in the UK and internationally, has been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade. Winners are announced today, the Queen’s birthday and Contra Vision joins a select group of businesses who can claim this accolade, the most prestigious business award in the UK.  It wins the Queen’s Award for International Trade having grown overseas sales earnings 1084% over the last six years and increased exports as a percentage of total turnover from 35% to 80%, with a network of 18 distributors located across the world from Europe to Australia.

Contra Vision Ltd was formed in 1985 when Roland Hill, Chairman and Managing Director, began patenting and licensing the technology, now known worldwide as Contra Vision® see-through graphics.  Today, the company now has 27 inventions patented or patent-pending and has brought products to market worldwide and undertakes significant market research to exploit new opportunities, developing new products to ensure that international sales continue to grow.


Contra Vision offers by far the widest choice of see-through graphics which provide advertising, branding, signs or decor that can be viewed from one side of a glazing panel, but seen through from the other side. Contra Vision® is used worldwide for advertising, architectural privacy, décor and signs, security, energy efficiency, digital projection and much more.  Contra Vision® products are selected by global companies, such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Apple, Nike and Emirates to promote their brands and has also been used to publicise major international events, for example The Rugby World Cup and the Olympics.  Contra Vision® can be seen throughout the world covering the glazing of entire buildings, buses, retail windows, stadia, taxi backs and even wrapping ferries in Rotterdam!

From a standing start of two people, the company now employs 11 staff and a range of consultants with offices in the UK and USA with a network of distributors supplying customers across Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and North and South America.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise recognises an elite group of UK companies which have achieved outstanding results within their respective fields, this award honouring the international success of Contra Vision.   Chairman and Managing Director, Roland Hill says, “We are delighted to receive this Award, which is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Contra Vision staff and the world class products which we continue to develop and innovate, consistently moving forward the worldwide market for see-through graphics.”

Daytime exterior view of application at Stratford


Contra Vision is poised for increased growth, employing a range of staff with several European languages and continually investigating ways to expand our market and improve our offer to customers.

For further information on Contra Vision’s extensive and innovative product range, please contact:


Sporting success on the high street.

Jim Hall Sports (1)

Contra Vision® is often seen on sports venues and stadia, including some well known football clubs, but you don’t have to be in the Premier League to use see-through graphics.
Local sporting goods retailer, Jim Hall Sports, was looking for a way to promote the brands they sell and also add visual impact to their site on the high street. Key considerations were to maintain the conventional view into the store, with mannequins wearing sports clothing and provide a brand banner which could be illuminated at night, without detracting from the view into the store.
For additional visual impact the entrance door was also used to hold a striking sporting image which features a runner, wearing clothing available in the shop.
Our solution was an Applied Inside™ Contra Vision® Impress® non–perforated one-way vision graphic applied to the entrance door and a Contra Vision® Brandvisor™ which was applied inside across the top of the window, to avoid any loss of view into the shop.
Both applications are designed to be visible 24 hours a day, where conventional see through graphics would be overpowered by spotlights illuminating the display.
This simple use of see-through graphics has transformed the impact of the shop front has on the high street, providing a facelift and creating significant customer interest.

_DSC8590, 8590

Contra Vision finds a voice

Contra Vision BACKLITE


The latest series of “The Voice” sees highly impactful window graphics dominate the front of the BBC Studio at Media City. The images are shown throughout the TV broadcast from both the outside and inside of the building. The installation was particularly challenging as the building has such strong internal lighting.

During the hours of darkness, traditional white on black see-through graphics suffer from ‘burn-through’ where the lights inside a building can reduce or even eliminate the impact of the graphics altogether, particularly if there is no or inadequate external illumination as in this case.

To combat the light and really make the graphics ‘pop’, The design agency behind the installation, worked with Contra Vision and selected Contra Vision® BACKLITE Performance™ to create impact day and night.



Contra Vision – making an exhibition of ourselves!!

_DSC9321, 9321_DSC9106, 9106

Roland Hill, Chairman and Managing Director of Contra Vision outside the bus.
Roland Hill, Chairman and Managing Director of Contra Vision outside the bus.

Several members of the Contra Vision team made a trip to London on Saturday to celebrate Contra Vision being one of 100 inventions and innovations in a “Travelling Museum of British Invention”, also promoting ‘ Parliament Week’ in London by the inclusion of the Magna Carta and several inventions or innovations involving Parliament’s consent.

Contra Vision was used in the, wrapping of the bus and was featured inside as an exhibit as a notable British invention, now seen around the world. The travelling museum paid tribute to 100 years of British inventions, from pencils to penicillin, the elastic band to the internet and of course Contra Vision!

BlackBerry HQ Wrapped

Contra Vision was delighted to play its part in BlackBerry’s biggest UK marketing campaign when Contra Vision® materials were recently used to wrap a building for BlackBerry owners, RIM,  to promote the launch of the new BlackBerry operating system and  Z10 smartphone model.


Graphic production company, Oasis Graphic Co and designers Pope Wainwright worked closely together to create the concept of wrapping the Blackberry Head Office in Slough to re-brand the exterior of the building to create an eye catching landmark.

The project used an innovative mix of Contra Vision® perforated window film and solid vinyl. Contra Vision® Performance™ 30% transparency white on black  materials were used to create the blue gradient on the glass areas and also on the powder coated metalwork between the glazed panels to ensure continuity of the graphics, after  Oasis Graphics Co. had tested that the metalwork elements of the building were suitable for applying, and removing Contra Vision® materials. Installation of the perforated window film background graphic began 4 days prior to launch. Oasis’ installation team was standing by at 5pm on January 30, when the embargo was lifted, to begin installing over the perforated window film the outsize printed images of the Z10 smartphone printed onto solid vinyl.


This building wrap created a bold public spectacle, proudly announcing the arrival of the new Z10 to the world,  and we were happy to have played our part in this.

See-Through Graphics Looking Good at Goodwood

The Festival of Speed is the largest motoring garden party in the world – a unique weekend that brings together an impossibly heady mix of cars, brands, stars and motor sport ‘royalty’ to create the largest car culture event in the world. Held in the immaculate grounds of Goodwood House, this annual hill-climb event is a true celebration of motor sport and all things automotive.


Tag Heuer provide the chronographs for racing timing and their luxury personal watches use the same high technology developed for motor racing. Keen to maximise their impact at this prestige event Tag Heuer offered a brand experience marquee at the event , providing visitors with the chance to familiarise themselves with their products.

Using a Losberger built tent with large glass window areas Tag Heuer tasked Octink with providing high quality brand messages which could be applied to the windows without compromising either light inside the structure or the ability to see through to the outside. It was also necessary to keep a spacious feeling within the structure. The well-thought out design involved printing the area of Contra Vision® Performance™ perforated window film around the images black, allowing some through-vision from the outside into the tent and making the images ‘float’ in the centre of the window. Images featured well known racing drivers such as Louis Hamilton, and Tag Heuer watches.

Augmented reality in the real world. See-through graphics show their potential

Octink, used its extensive knowledge of see- through graphic options to propose Contra Vision®Performance™ White on Black perforated window film as the ideal solution which was applied to the exterior of the marquee windows. The client was able to promote a strong brand message on its marquee whilst visitors to the area were able to see out and enjoy the hospitality and brand experience on offer.

Mike Freely, Managing Director of Octink comments –

“We regularly work with high end brands such as Tag Heuer and always search for the best signage and display solutions to meet our client’s requirements. Once again Contra Vision provided the solution and both we and our client were delighted with the result.”

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ – Seen and Seen Through 24/7

Visitors arriving by train at Stratford Station, the main public transport hub for the Olympics and Paralympics, were greeted by an eye-catching and dramatic wrap of the entire station, which featured the Lloyds’ TSB ‘For the Journey’ campaign and was made possible by using Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ patented technology.

This campaign was able to use see- through graphics to take advantage of the sheer scale of the building to promote the brand message, and visually showcase boxing and other individual Olympic sports such as the pole vault and hurdles.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ clearly seen in the hours of darkness

As a tier one sponsor of London 2012, Lloyds TSB took the opportunity to make a bold visual statement by wrapping the station with graphics which reflected some of the sports included in the games. This was a first, for Lloyds TSB, for space advertiser, CBS Outdoor and for Contra Vision who supplied the material which enables such striking see- through graphics.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ Impact on grand scale

As our photos show, this was a dramatic and visually striking use of see- through graphics which utilised Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ technology with Contra Vision® Performance™ Translucent White perforated window film to give the graphics 24 hour impact. This was important to maintain visibility for spectators returning to Stratford Station at dusk and later when conventional one-way vision graphics would not be visible because the light from inside the station passing through the holes on White and Black perforated material would swamp the graphics.

Visitors arriving at the station could see outside, thus avoiding the claustrophobic effect of solid window graphics. In addition the Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ technology allows a subtle ghost of the printed image to be seen from the inside, which extended the Lloyds TSB brand message with its distinctive colours and cartoon graphic style subtly displayed to those within the station. An additional benefit of using Contra Vision® Performance™ perforated window film was that the images were both easy to apply and remove after the games.

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ A faint ghost image seen from inside

The images were printed on Contra Vision® materials by VGL and CBS Outdoor worked with Rainey Kelly, MEC and Kinetic to create this stunning application. Both the client and the agency were delighted with the outcome. Seven out of the ten million visitors to London 2012 passed through Stratford Station and will have seen these graphics. Roland Hill, Chairman and Managing Director of Contra Vision commented –

“Using Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ enabled visitors to see these images day and night and we are delighted that our products were able to add to the visual impact of the brand messages around the Olympic Park. This large scale wrap wonderfully showcases Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ when 24 hour visibility is required and we are thrilled to have played our part in adding to the visual impact of the Olympic experience.“

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