Specifying Contra Vision just got easier with our NEW Product Selector

Here at Contra Vision we offer an unrivalled range of films for one-way vision applications. Every window and every project is unique and that’s why we have a range of films that perfectly suits very application!

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Our NEW Product Selector is designed to make understanding and choosing Contra Vision products really easy. Next time you have a project that could use perforated window film, just reach for this invaluable source of information. You’ll quickly find the ideal product, be it short-term or long-term, outside or inside application and you can select the perfect option for level of image impact and transparency.

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Contra Vision Product Selector

Can’t See Your Perforated Window Film At Night?

Ensuring that graphics are visible is the first priority for any promotional campaign. However, during the hours of darkness,  conventional (white on black) perforated window film can suffer from image fading and can become completely transparent with strong lighting inside a building making this basic requirement a real challenge.

Performance Translucent White perforated window film utilizes the ambient building lighting and offers great results, both day and night.

As an example, the television series “The Voice” relied heavily on window graphics particularly as they are featured during the TV broadcast. The design agency responsible, The Creative Place, contacted Contra Vision as the material they chose for the first series lacked the required impact.

Performance Translucent White Perforated Window Film at night.
Performance Translucent White Perforated Window Film at night.
Generic brand of White on Black Perforated Window Film at night
Generic brand of White on Black Perforated Window Film at night

Even in the worst possible lighting conditions, the difference is remarkable*.

Don’t get left out in the dark!


*Consideration needs to be given when using Performance Translucent White perforated window film as strong sources of internal lighting at the wrong angle may burn through the graphics. Overall the impact of the graphics will always be greater than conventional white on black perforated films.

Read the full Creative Place & BBC Media City case study here. 

Five reasons why Contra Vision is the number one choice with specifiers and printers

Every window and every project is unique, that’s why we have a range of films that perfectly suits every application.

Whether you are looking for a product suitable for 6 months or one that lasts over 36 months our expansive product range offers solutions for both.

See-though graphics don’t always have to be applied to the outside of a window. Internally applied graphics are ideal for applications where access to the outside is restricted.

We offer a range of films from low transparency (80/20) for vibrant image impact and maximum privacy, to high transparency (50/50) to maximise though-vision and daylight inside…

…and if it’s both you’re after, then our EXCLUSIVE HD FILM is the one for you.

Contra Vision is the NUMBER ONE CHOICE with specifiers and printers globally.

Here’s why…


#1 CREATE| Achieve your vision

Providing unlimited design options, inspirational ideas and advice following our first invention in 1982.


#2 PRINT| Right first time

Great results with a wide range of print technologies. Contra Vision® Grayliner to get the colours right.


#3 INSTALL| Trouble-Free

High and low temperature installation with options for inside or outside window application.


#4 ON WINDOW| Peace of mind

Reliable adhesion and great looking results for the entire duration of the project.


#4 REMOVE| Quick and clean

Minimal tearing and adhesive residue. All that’s left after a spectacular campaign is a clean window.


Further information about our award winning range of perforated window films can be found here. 

Contra Vision® adds Christmas Sparkle to Heathrow T2

With the festive season fast approaching, Christmas trees are popping up all over the country. This week sees Heathrow Airport complete its Christmas transformation with the arrival of London’s largest interactive Christmas tree at its most recent terminal – Terminal 2: The Queens Terminal.

Working with Fisher Productions, Heathrow has created and installed a giant see-through vinyl Christmas tree which stands over 90ft tall in the covered courtyard of Terminal 2.

The tree has a vintage feel, reminiscent of the Christmas trees the Queen would have enjoyed as a child, topped with a replica of her iconic coronation crown.

Oasis Graphics chose to print the image on Contra Vision® BACKLITE™, the image has a modern see-through aspect, it is also interactive. The tree is covered with garlands of lights that can be triggered to flash and dance by passengers who tweet Christmas greetings with the hashtag #T2Christmas.

Normand Boivin, Heathrow’s COO said: “Launching the Terminal 2 Christmas tree with the first tweet was brilliant fun. It is a fantastic piece of technology and really adds a festive touch to the terminal. We’re certain our passengers will enjoy taking part in lighting up the tree and look forward to hearing their thoughts through Twitter.”

The tree will be in situ until the twelve night (6th January) allowing hundreds of thousands of passengers to enjoy it.

Terminal 2 Christmas

Contra Vision finds a voice

Contra Vision BACKLITE


The latest series of “The Voice” sees highly impactful window graphics dominate the front of the BBC Studio at Media City. The images are shown throughout the TV broadcast from both the outside and inside of the building. The installation was particularly challenging as the building has such strong internal lighting.

During the hours of darkness, traditional white on black see-through graphics suffer from ‘burn-through’ where the lights inside a building can reduce or even eliminate the impact of the graphics altogether, particularly if there is no or inadequate external illumination as in this case.

To combat the light and really make the graphics ‘pop’, The design agency behind the installation, worked with Contra Vision and selected Contra Vision® BACKLITE Performance™ to create impact day and night.