WRc Building Wrap

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As part of a combined effort, iDeal Displays worked with Corporate Events’ Project Manager to produce over 400 metres of print for both the exterior and interior. WRc’s offices presented a unique challenge due to the architectural design and the fact that they are constructed predominantly from glass. Corporate Events wanted something that would provide visible impact but also allow natural light into the workspace.  The graphics featured Contra  Vision®Performance™ in a 30 percent transparency. The unique one-way characteristics of Contra Vision provides the optimum balance between vibrancy of image, see-through vision and privacy.


Teams from both businesses worked together to install the graphics to 87 exterior windows. Factors such as scale, the weather and grassy areas meant this installation phase took place over a week and involved the use of trackway and high reach plant equipment. Find out more…

A window of hope in Montreal

Contra Vision® delivers a powerful image without impacting the interior

Contra Vision® delivers a powerful image without impacting the interior

Contra Vision® Canadian distributor, ND Graphics recently worked with Optimum Graphiques to add visual impact and a message of hope to the façade of the Shriners Hospital for Children of Montreal.

Contra Vision®Performance™  in a 40% transparency was used to provide striking graphics for the newly built hospital. After completion, the hospital board wanted to add a modernized look to the building by adding graphics to the 234 windows (36″ x 40″) on the façade without blocking the patients’ view from the inside; one of the key benefits of choosing Contra Vision® see-through graphics.

Installing Contra Vision® at Shiners Hospital Montreal

Installing Contra Vision® at Shiners Hospital Montreal

The image of a child running in the tall grass with balloons, was chosen to represent joy and well-being, while ensuring the image worked with the architecture of the hospital, adding to the esthetics of the building and surroundings; people can see it from miles away, so an iconic building has become something of a local landmark, projecting a positive message.

Optimum Graphiques, in Laval Quebec (Canada), was thrilled with how easy this material was to produce and install. Mario Proulx, President of Optimum Graphiques, said it was almost ‘’too good to be true’’ that the 234 panels were produced and installed with absolutely no problems at all”.

A job well done and a visually powerful message which is fast becoming a Montreal landmark!

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An innovative use of Contra Vision® sees Kate Hudson supersized

Creating a standout campaign in a busy retail environment is always a challenge, already distracted consumers are so bombarded with messages that they often become immune to the promotions around them. Getting cut through often requires a different approach. The best promotions combine creative ideas with a detailed understanding of the mind-set of the consumers and the surrounding environment.

Elevator wrap promotes the new Ann Taylor Concession in New York

Elevator wrap promotes the new Ann Taylor Concession in New York

In a busy shopping environment most promotions are at eye level making this a very cluttered space, so by looking higher and creating something much larger you ensure that the promotion is seen from a distance and less likely to be missed. This is a great example by Fusion Imaging using both scale and originality. Designing a wrap of the huge glass elevator shaft in the centre of the shopping concourse ensured that the promotion would be seen from all sides and by more consumers.

The result was an impressive promotion for their client Ann Taylor with the very glamorous Kate Hudson taking centre stage. In addition to creating a stunning campaign for the Ann Taylor brand, the promotion has been highly successful in driving footfall to the Ann Taylor concession in Bloomingdales, New York.

The unique qualities of see-through graphics make it the ideal product for environments with large areas of glass. Using a solid material would have blocked out all natural daylight and obscured the view making the elevator feel very dark and claustrophobic. Choosing Contra Vision® Performance™, white on black material with 30% transparency ensured the image had real impact and that shoppers inside the elevator were able to see out. This proves yet again that see-through graphics can be added to any store window or glass fronted element to provide a sensational branding or promotion piece.

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Contra Vision takes to the road

We are pleased to announce Contra Vision will be present at the William Smith Roadshows. For further information and to register your place please visit https://lnkd.in/dZJ5eTi

This is a great opportunity to understand more about the range of products that we offer and to get any technical queries or questions resolved. If you get the opportunity to come along it would be great to meet as many printers as possible.


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