A theatrical ‘projection mapping’ show opens the Macallan’s new distillery

Contra Vision® perforated window film enables the delivery of an extravagant projection mapping display that has helped put The Macallan’s new distillery on the map.

Projection mapping is a technology which can turn often irregularly shaped objects, into a display surface for video projection. Whole buildings appear animated and when combined with audio content the experience is highly engaging.

When you project onto any building, windows are often a challenge. Rood Signs were tasked with fitting over 650 sqm of Contra Vision® Campaign in 30% transparency to the entire glazed surfaces of The Macallan’s new distillery for a projection mapped grand opening event.



Macallan New Distillery Launch

The Macallan’s new distillery is one of the most creative, ornate and complex timber structures in the world. A total of 380,000 components went to make up the incredible structure which sits on the Easter Elchies estate near Craigellachie in Moray. Camouflaged under a 14,000 sqm roof of turf and meadow flowers to blend in with the rolling hillside, the total cost for the production facility and visitor centre was £140m.

A notable building such as this deserves a memorable opening ceremony and marketing specialists, Genie, produced a week of events for the building’s launch with a spectacular finale delivered for 450 international guests. The evening show included a dramatic unveiling of the distillery with Projection Artworks futuristic show, projected onto the vast building.

Macallan New Distillery Launch

The use of Contra Vision also ensured an unobstructed view out was maintained for those inside the building. The polar white colour is designed to function perfectly in such projection applications. Installation was trouble free and the show went brilliantly.

Macallan New Distillery Launch

One of the great things about a projection mapping event is that the moment the projectors are turned off, the building is instantly available for its working role. Thanks to the Contra Vision element of the installation, removal of the glazing’s screens was also quick and easy.

Not a trace of the specialist adhesive that’s supplied as standard on the film remains.


Memories of the stunning event, however, will endure for years to come.


Further information about Contra Vision can be found here.


Translucent White – Definitely fit for purpose

David Lloyd - Contra Vision Backlite on the Rotunda

Contra Vision’s ‘Performance Translucent White’ perforated window film, was recently used by Ensign to excellent effect on the David Lloyd Gym at the Rotunda in Kingston, London

On such a landmark building it was vital that the graphics could be clearly seen by passers-by. However, more importantly, David Lloyd wanted to ensure customers training inside the gym still had plenty of light passing through the glass-fronted gymnasium and could also enjoy the view out to the street below. This is a vibrant area in the evening and a key reason so many people choose the gym for their training.

Performance Translucent White 20% was the ideal choice. Offering amazing image quality 24/7, this film is designed to allow light from inside the building to pass through, giving an extra “pop” to the graphics at night.

The installation posed many challenges. Before everything could move ahead, pedestrian access, an in-depth health and safety risk assessment and working at height implications were all considered and the relevant permits obtained.

The gym is directly above Kingston’s busy tube station, so closure of the pavement and limiting pedestrian access, meant that the installation team could only work between the hours of 11:00 at night till 6:00 in the morning. On top of this, they were working at a height of 21m and had to consider how night time temperatures could affect a successful installation. Again, Translucent White was more than up to the job, having a minimum installation temperature lower than many products on the market.

Printed using a Vutek GS3200 the completed job delighted both David Lloyd, the passers by and a host of hard working gym-goers.

Stop traffic with Contra Vision Campaign

Being located on a busy highway can often mean store fronts go unnoticed. Therefore attracting as much attention as possible is key to communicating your products and services and getting potential new customers off the highway and through the door.

Montgomeryville Cycle Center

The Montgomeryville Cycle Center in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, situated on the PA 309 took advantage of their full height windows and with the help of Admark Printing Inc., transformed them into bright colorful billboards targeting passing bikers and potential new customers, to pull off the road and into the dealership.

Instead of using opaque window graphics, that would obstruct daylight passing into the Cycle Centre and give customers an off-putting claustrophobic experience, Admark opted to use Contra Vision® Campaign perforated window film in 40% transparency.

Montgomeryville Cycles

The use of perfoated window film allowed them to have striking images of their latest motorcycles on the roadside, while still allowing daylight into the showroom. The clear view out also benefitted the Montgomeryville Cycle sales teams as they could see any new customers pull up onto the forecourt. A definite win win.

Montgomeryville Cycles

As with all auto dealerships, brands launch new makes and models on a regular basis. Contra Vision offers a range of short-term perforated window films making it the ideal product for seasonal promotions and changeable point of purchase graphics.

Futher information about Contra Vision’s range of perofated window films can be found here

A room with a view

The Venice Art Biennale, is a contemporary visual art exhibition held biennially and is the original art biennale on which others in the world have been modelled.

At this year’s event an installation by Jenny Jones, wowed the art world by her intriguing visual illusion, created using Contra Vision® Performance perforated window film.

The Venice Art Biennale

Her ingenious use of this amazing product, consisted of covering three windows within the exhibition space with the Contra Vision material. This allowed vision out (giving a tinted appearance to the window) and additional white vinyl lines applied inside, created a map of the Venice canal system.

The Venice Art Biennale

However, on the outside of the window, a view of the Rialto bridge and part of the canal was printed onto the film, creating a solid image appearance.

A series of mirrors allowed exhibition visitors to see through the window and view the printed image from the outside. This illusion created intrigue as to how a view of the Rialto could be seen from this vantage point.

The Venice Art BiennaleThe Venice Art Biennale

From inside, visitors could only see through to the dark external courtyard walls, but when looking through the mirrors they were presented with a completely different view – one of light, space and the beauty of Venice.

The Venice Art BiennaleThe Venice Art BiennaleThe Venice Art Biennale

Contra Vision® perforated film, never fails to amaze and delight the public with how it’s magical qualities create visual illusions, but this installation utilised the product in a way never seen before.

Printed by Insite Graphics, The Spaces Between is a notable installation and it resonates strongly with the Contra Vision brand. Our Invention, Your Vision.

The exhibition can be followed on Instagram via @studiojennyjones and @_the_space_between and @jonesagram.


Contra Vision ensures voices are seen as well as heard

Contra Vision® Campaign range of perforated window film was recently chosen by the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, UK, to promote the Festival of Voice 2018.

Wales Millennium Centre

The temporary installation was in place over the 10-day duration of the festival and it was essential that both the application and removal of the film was quick, simple and trouble-free.

One of the many features of the Contra Vision® Campaign™ range, is that it uses the same specialist adhesive used in the Contra Vision® Performance range. This creates a secure bond to the glazing within a few hours, ensuring a flawless installation.

Wales Millenium Centre

A key benefit is experienced once it’s time to remove the graphics. Ease of removal is sometimes taken for granted when products are initially specified, and this can prove a costly mistake. However, with Contra Vision’s Campaign range the clear adhesive remains securely on the material leaving a pristine surface underneath, with no residue. This means, once removed, the glass is ready for the next application. This dramatically reduces both the time taken between graphic changeovers, as well as the associated costs.

The graphics were designed and printed by Semaphore in Cardiff. They extended around the front of the expansive fascia at ground level to the left and right, as well as across the 60m (180 feet) wide upper section of glazing above the entrance way.

Wales Millennium Centre

The high-level graphics ensure views into the foyer area of the centre are maintained, while a clear, uninterrupted view out is made possible across all areas of glazing by the benefits of the 30% (70/30) transparency material. Despite being in the shade of the external canopy, the graphics are vibrant and clearly visible from the outside.

Wales Millennium CentreWales Millennium Centre

The Festival of Voice was a well-attended success for Cardiff and those involved in the application of the impressive Contra Vision graphics are still singing the material’s praises.

Further information about Contra Vision’s range of perforated window films can be found here

Out of sight, out of mind

Did you know that in the UK, the 7th of July is the third worst day of the year for burglaries, up 12% on the annual norm? 

But don’t panic!!

Shutting the curtains before you make your way to Spain this summer may seem very basic, but keeping expensive items hidden from prying eyes, is one of the best ways to deter would-be burglars.

Contra Vision Privacy Window Film

A neater solution for all year-round protection is Contra Vision’s range of Privacy Window Film.

This simple but incredibly effective self-adhesive film allows vision from inside out, whilst cleverly restricting the view into the house from nosey passers by.

Contra Vision Privacy Window FilmContra Vision Privacy Window Film

The film can be easily installed and also has the benefits of acting as a great solar shield – reducing the amount of heat entering the house. This is absolutely perfect during our current heatwave!

Computers, cash, small electrical goods and jewellery are among the most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries as they are small and relatively easy for thieves to sell on.

It’s interesting to note that 21% of people never hide their valuable possessions when leaving the house. Even more worryingly 37% of people leave portable gadgets such as laptops, tablets and phones easily accessible!!

Don’t forget, when you go away on holiday, lock your doors and windows, put your alarm on and keep those valuable items out of sight!

For more details on our range of Privacy Window Films Click Here

Contra Vision slam dunks in LA

As anyone who follows the fortunes of the NBA will know, Team Le Bron narrowly beat Team Stephen by 148 to 145 in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

The real winners though were the charities the teams support.  The winning team will receive a $350,000 donation to a select community-based organization and the opposing team will receive $150,000 for a similar charity. The team roster was selected by the vote of fans, the media and other NBA players. It’s one game where all are agreed – the taking part is the real prize.

A big game benefitting a good cause is deserving of a head-turning promotion.  Las Vegas based Elite Media, Inc delivered the results with well created and placed Nike advertisements.  With vast experience in tight deadlines and big projects, Elite Media, Inc retained the services of Phoenix, AZ based printer BPGraphics. The project promoting the game involved landmark scale graphics applied to the all glass facade of the JW Marriott building, a four-star hotel and an iconic part of the LA skyline adjacent to the Staples Center and the 110 Freeway.  The project used a little over 80,000 sq. ft. of Contra Vision® perforated window film.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

The building wrap graphics feature Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook and the instantly recognisable JUMPMAN logo.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

During the event, the graphics were featured several times in aerial TV footage and were also seen by countless thousands from the highway and the LA Live Plaza. The project had to deliver a lasting impression and yet only remain visible for two weeks including installation and removal. The installation took place the weekend before the game and removal the day after.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

The key to this project’s success, were the hyper accurate design templates BPGraphics created in partnership with their install team. Because the project did not permit covering the window mullions, these measurements resulted in seamless graphics for Nike that followed the specs of the building exactly. By starting the project with the correct mechanical specifications, we avoided timely delays associated with reprints and installation issues. As an added bonus, we decreased installation time by pre-cutting all the graphics on our computer-controlled plotter and tagging the printed material with grid locations. This latter step included a matching grid map of where every panel was to be installed to ensure the final image was re-built to sequence.

Contra Vision Nike Jumpman

Contra Vision® 30% perforated window film was chosen for its availability for this massive project and image quality; delivering both a clear view through for people inside the hotel and image detail for those on the ground. The material was printed on BPGraphics family of HP Latex 3600 series printers. Excellent print quality, ease of installation, quick and clean removal are all performance trademarks of the entire line of Contra Vision® perforated window films. Once printed, the BPGraphics team kit packed all the graphics according to the installation location on pallets and included all the grid maps for easy unboxing and installation.

Contra Vision® perforated window film features a novel adhesive that is compliant during application and is designed to support the clean removal of the film when needed. Contra Vision’s material performed faultlessly when the time came.  All that remained was a lasting impression and not a trace of adhesive.

You can view additional images at bpgraphics.com of the final project.