The Milwaukee Bucks went to the NBA play offs and the city celebrated in style!

In April 2019 The Milwaukee Bucks made it to the NBA playoffs and the city pulled out all the stops to celebrate. Turning the Milwaukee River bright green let anyone visiting the city know that something big was going on.  A Contra Vision installation across one of the bridges encouraged sports fans to #FearTheDeer.


A landmark sized installation on one of the major bridges across a bright green river is a great idea, unless of course the graphics restrict the view for those using the bridge or make the crossing a claustrophobic experience.

This is where Contra Vision offered the ideal solution.

By using Performance Clear in a 30% transparency, Mandel Graphic Solutions were able to easily and more importantly safely apply the graphics on the inside face of the glass. Continue reading “FEAR THE DEER”

A window of opportunity…

Eastern Connecticut State University is proud of their “Warriors” Sports Teams and wanted to take advantage of their undecorated windows near the centrepiece of the College Campus to promote and support the College brand.

Working with Merritt Big Color, A National Sign Co. of East Hartford, CT, Eastern Connecticut State University was looking for a means to promote their College brand on the blank canvas of their windows in the central area of the Campus.  Not only was this to inspire their students but, due to the fact that the glass was located facing south west, the College was hoping to reduce the intense glare inside the lobby space.

Merrit Big Color Contra Vision Performance 2

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There’s a very popular leisure centre on the Bradley Stoke housing development. The leisure centre is a family -oriented place with all sorts of really popular attractions including a swimming pool.

The pool features a very large glazed end elevation with views outward for swimmers and staff to an area dense woodland and to one of the estate’s main roads. From the outside, anyone could see straight into the swimming pool area whether they’re driving or strolling past, or walking in the woods. The swimmers didn’t like that. Continue reading “PRIVACY FOR LEISURE CENTRE WINDOWS”

BMW & Apple make their mark on the Las Vegas skyline…

The largest technology tradeshow in the world made its mark on the Las Vegas skyline back in January. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) drew in more than 180,000 tech savvy visitors all keen to see the latest next-generation innovations from augmented reality to self-driving technology.  With an event as high profile as this, every wrappable surface was prime advertising space.

Phoenix-based, BPGraphics are market leaders when it comes to high-profile building wraps. Working on behalf of four outdoor advertisers, BP set to work on transforming the Las Vegas skyline with some super-impressive building wraps on an incredible scale.

Contra Vision BPGraphics CES

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Contra Vision’s ‘Performance’ is definitely up to par…

A new product launch from Callaway deserves all the attention it receives and transforming the entrance windows of their European Headquarters to support the release of their new Epic Flash Driver, was a big part of celebrating Callaway’s latest product breakthrough.

Contra Vision Callaway Epic Flash1

Since 2015, Callaway have used Performance White on Black 20% transparency to help promote key messages and launch new products on their main glass façade. The unique characteristics of Contra Vision® perforated window film is an ideal solution, as not only do the windows transform into a giant billboard, but the internal environment isn’t compromised. Light continues to penetrate through the perforations, while staff and visitors still enjoy a clear view out. Continue reading “Contra Vision’s ‘Performance’ is definitely up to par…”

Marking a major milestone with the help of Contra Vision Campaign.

JLG Industries, Inc. are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment and are celebrating 50 years in the business. To mark this milestone, they wanted to create some stunning graphics for their store frontages.

The project was a collaboration between Displays and Graphics, Inc. Harrisburg, PA and Graphics Universal, Inc. Greencastle, PA.

Contra Vision Campaign White on Black was chosen to print the stunning graphics using both 54” and 60” roll widths.

JLG Industries Contra Vision Perforated Window Film

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Blue is the colour

A new livery on the Huddersfield FC Team bus was recently unveiled, resulting in a striking end result which will definitely attract attention wherever it goes.

The attention however, will not result in any invasion of privacy for the travelling players and staff due to a superbly executed application of vinyl by the Stoke-on-Trent based printing company Graphix.

Graphix managed to apply 140metres of both solid and Contra Vision® perforated film in just two days, but this is even more impressive when you notice the accuracy of colour matching between the two different films. Continue reading “Blue is the colour”