Swimming Pool Privacy Window Film

There’s a very popular leisure centre on the Bradley Stoke housing development. The leisure centre is a family -oriented place with all sorts of really popular attractions including a swimming pool.

The pool features a very large glazed end elevation with views outward for swimmers and staff to an area dense woodland and to one of the estate’s main roads. From the outside, anyone could see straight into the swimming pool area whether they’re driving or strolling past, or walking in the woods. The swimmers didn’t like that.

Voodoo Design were called in to advise and to propose a workable solution. After surveying the site and because of the tricky lighting conditions prevailing, they called in some technical assistance from our ourselves. Between us, we determined that Performance White on Black printable perforated film in 20% transparency would do the job that was needed.

Swimming Pool Privacy Window Film

Voodoo printed the perforated window film with an attractive suitably swimmy mural design that couldn’t be seen through from outside, and yet once applied to the awkwardly shaped end elevation of the building it retained a view out for the swimmers inside.


Here at Contra Vision we offer a selection a films for all your privacy needs from printable window films to ready to install privacy window films.

Please visit for further information.

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