Marking a major milestone with the help of Contra Vision Campaign.

JLG Industries, Inc. are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment and are celebrating 50 years in the business. To mark this milestone, they wanted to create some stunning graphics for their store frontages.

The project was a collaboration between Displays and Graphics, Inc. Harrisburg, PA and Graphics Universal, Inc. Greencastle, PA.

Contra Vision Campaign White on Black was chosen to print the stunning graphics using both 54” and 60” roll widths.

JLG Industries Contra Vision Perforated Window Film

As this was a short-term campaign to celebrate the 50th year, it was essential that the material had excellent removable qualities and this was one reason why the Contra Vision material stood out from the crowd.


Print quality is of great importance to both Displays and Graphics, Inc. and Graphics Universal, Inc. and for this reason four separate samples were printed using different manufacturers perf product. All perf products tested were at comparable prices.

“The Contra Vision product literally blew the others away as far as quality of print was concerned” commented Ryan Felty from Displays and Graphics. “We were challenged with some really cold weather and a short window of opportunity to complete the fitting. The Contra Vision product was easy to install and had great adhesion”.

JLG Industries Contra Vision Perforated Window Film

Everything was printed on a Mutoh 1624 Eco Solvent Printer and the installation took place in January. Five separate locations were successfully completed in just three days, clearly demonstrating the skills from the fitting teams and quality of the Contra Vision material.


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