Some like it hot. Contra Vision has its day in the sun

Exterior graphics that have seen a few summers often look well past their prime. Prolonged exposure to the sun in particular can be very damaging. The inks that are typically used to print exterior graphics will begin to fade noticeably, and the fabric of the material used can also undergo changes. It may become brittle, chalky or even start to peel at the edges.

Were you to experience the conditions at 24 degrees North, 54 degrees East, you’d find them particularly challenging. You’d be in Abu Dhabi outside TwoFour54 Media and Entertainment Free Zone and in a region of the world that manages to cram the effects of several European Summers into just one of its own.


Anticipating problems is better than having to fix them after the fact. Knowing that conditions would be difficult, Contra Vision® Performance 40% perforated window film was specified for application to the glazed façade of TwoFour54. Two years ago, the decision was made to renew the graphics which had been in place for two years longer than anticipated. The material was removed easily without leaving a trace of adhesive behind. Contra Vision was delighted to see that the material out-performed its quoted durability period.

A new installation, also using Contra Vision® Performance™ 40%, was designed and installed. Recently, a part of the glass fascia was damaged and needed repair, so part of the installed graphic was removed and a newly printed section reapplied next to the graphic in situ. Even after two years in extreme weathering conditions, there is no visible difference between the newly installed material and the existing installation.


Contra Vision® Performance™ has proven itself not only in challenging applications conditions but in an application that has undergone very close scrutiny. Contra Vision® Performance™ has impressed to the extent that it has now been specified for application at Yas Island where a similar Free Zone is being constructed. Available from the only specialists in one-way vision graphics, this material will look great for years, offer a great view out, and some welcome solar heat management too.


Contra Vision products are available in the Middle East from Blue Rhine.

Further information about Blue Rhine can be found here.



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