A “Campaign” of expansion

It has been a busy year for Contra Vision® Campaign™ after winning SGIA’s Product of the Year 2016. The award recognised the fact that this short-term (monomeric) one-way vision material offers a range of innovative features and a level of capability traditionally associated with more expensive long-term (polymeric) products.

In fact, Contra Vision® Campaign™ shares many of the core features of our premium Contra Vision® Performance™ range, including a specially designed adhesive which ensures the film can be applied in low temperatures and is easy to remove afterwards. Over the last eighteen months every aspect of Contra Vision® Campaign™ construction has been tested and refined to produce an even more effective product.

Not surprisingly, this short-term product range is building a loyal fan base among printers and installers worldwide so we have continued to add to the choice of options available.

Responding to demand from our customers, we have expanded the choice of transparency options available and now offer: 20% (80/20), 30%(70/30), 40% (60/40) and 50% (50/50). As a result, when it comes to short-term installations, regardless of whether you are looking for maximum impact from the graphics, optimum see-through or somewhere in-between, we have a selection of materials to support your application.

We introduced an “Inside mount” or internally applied Contra Vision® Campaign™ Clear in the US. This innovative clear material was previously only available as part of our premium Contra Vision® Performance™ range.  The internally applied short-term product has proved so popular in the US that we are making it available worldwide. This expansion of our Clear product ensures that internally applied graphics are even more accessible than ever, as long as you have access to white ink.

Despite a slight reduction in image impact, see-through graphics applied to the inside of a window offer major benefits as they are protected from vandalism, rainwater and street dirt. Access to the inside of glazing is often easier and more straightforward than to the outside and can enable colder weather application.

The Contra Vision® Campaign™ journey, from a single line on the New Product Development Register to an expansive award-winning range reflects the products increasing popularity. Along with our premium Contra Vision® Performance™ range we are now able to offer our customers more choice with the same exacting standards they have come to expect from the home of one-way vision graphics.

The video above of a recent application at the Place Bell Stadium in Laval illustrates just how huge the opportunities for Contra Vision® Campaign™ are.

For the latest information on where to purchase the material visit http://www.contravision.com/find-a-distributor/


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