Seen and seen through.

The Modern WB 50 US (2)The Modern is a forty seven story shimmering glass residential development situated in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The complex, which will eventually gain a second tower, has extensive views to the best known skyline in the world and offers its residents direct access to the western approach of the George Washington Bridge and easy connections to the NY Subway system.

Being visible to anyone making a journey across the GWB, The Modern did much to promote its presence as it was springing out of the long vacant land on which it’s built. The developers’ agents decided to further exploit the building’s enviable location by commissioning and installing a massive advertisement applied to the glazing of the tower’s bridge-facing elevation announcing the development’s availability.

With “views” being among the most marketable features on the development’s long list of attractions, anything done in the name of the views’ promotion had also to maintain them for those inside the building. Contra Vision® was suggested, auditioned and specified. The job of producing and installing the advertisement was won by NYC based Beyond Printing.

For an advertisement to deliver any impact at skyline scale, it has to be big and elevated. Beyond Printing’s work at The Modern is. It measures some sixty feet high and a hundred and sixty feet wide. Produced in forty seven, sixty foot drops and applied at height, the advertisement promotes the building brilliantly and it says much about the printing and installation skills of the team at Beyond Printing too.

Contra Vision® Performance™ was used for the project. The product features Contra Vision® Grayliner™ and so it was possible for the team at Beyond Printing to perform an accurate assessment of print quality straight off its HP Latex printer before installation. The fifty percent transparency version of Contra Vision® Performance™ was chosen delivering the required balance of image impact and see-through quality anticipated during the advertisement’s design.

The Modern WB 50 US (3)

A critical consideration when applying pressure-sensitive adhesive materials to structures requiring complex and expensive access measures is that the product both adheres reliably, and removes cleanly. Contra Vision® Performance™ does just that and the team at Beyond Printing confirmed that this was a factor in the decision to use it.

Anyone crossing the river into New Jersey now will see the The Modern, and be in no doubt that it’s open for business. As all those who chose to go and see if they’d like to set up home at The Modern will see, this building has one of the most dramatic views in the world – unimpeded by one of its most conspicuous advertisements

We stand for Canada. Supporting the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Toronto Pearson Airport WB 30 CA (1)

Earlier this year ICON Digital Productions Inc. was approached by The Greater Toronto Airport Authority and its design agency Juniper Park / TBWA and briefed to produce and install graphics supporting the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

The plan was to cover the exterior windows at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport’s Terminal 1. It was a challenging application involving the use of high-access equipment and a particularly demanding weather window imposing a tight deadline.

Having installed window graphics at the site before, a two-week installation timeline was judged to be sensible but critically dependent upon weather. Lighting too was a consideration. The applied graphics had to deliver the impact the occasion demanded but still admit light supporting a comfortable environment in the terminal interior. ICON’s design team turned to Contra Vision® perforated window film for the job.

With over 300 panels involved, a crucial consideration was consistency in print. Panel-to-panel colour matches required that the ICON team coordinated quality within the production department and then submitted approved production output for delivery to site in the order it would be applied by the installation team.

The process worked flawlessly.

ICON’s team installed the graphics in five days, considerably less than the time budgeted for the job. The client is delighted with the results, and with the time-line improvement too.

Toronto Pearson Airport WB 30 CA (2)The team worked with Contra Vision® Campaign 30% transparency given the need for high print quality and shorter-term durability. Supplied by ND Graphics, Contra Vision’s Canadian distributor, the product delivered great results. The product’s easy handling and application characteristics also justified its selection for the commemorative graphics.

What goes up must eventually come down and, in the case of graphics wrapping a busy international airport, it must come down easily and cleanly. Contra Vision® Campaign™ does. It features a specialised adhesive that while building to a sufficient bond to provide reliable adhesion, will remove intact when needed.

ICON was praised for its work at Pearson International and was proud to see its work contributing to  such a high profile project celebrating a momentous milestone in Canada’s history that will be televised around the world.



A new generation of Contra Vision® perforated window films will be previewed at Fespa Europe 2017 in Hamburg

Specific details and the products themselves are still top secret until the Fespa doors open, so make sure Contra Vision is on your ‘must visit’ list and see a new generation of perforated window films. There’s even a competition with an overnight stay for 2 in a European city of your choice as a prize! 

Join us at any time on our stand C70 in Hall B7 (next to one of the main entrances to Hall B7 which houses Durst, EFI, Roland and Orafol), or for our technology preview sessions with drinks from 16.00 on Monday through to Thursday. If you want to make an appointment to ensure that you have individual attention, please get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Contra Vision Team

New territories embrace the wonder of Contra Vision®

Increased demand for Contra Vision® in 2016 resulted in the expansion of our international distributor network across America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to opening up new territories, we were also able to expand our offering in more established regions.

Each territory presents new challenges and opportunities for see-through graphics with different levels of market development and a variety of competitive products along with language or cultural differences. Contra Vision is supported by a fantastic group of distributors worldwide. Our distributors offer a wealth of local knowledge, understand the opportunity for see-through graphics and share our commitment to quality and service.

With new distributor partnerships developing in Japan, Singapore and China, the Far East continues to embrace Contra Vision®. The addition of Starcolor in France, two new distributors in the Netherlands, and a Swedish distributor continues to expand our European reach. ND Graphics continue to extend their reach and share in Canada and our developing distributor network in the USA now continues to consolidate our position.

Many of our distributors are experiencing growth and success in their own markets. Most recently The Starleaton Group acquired DES continuing their expansion in Australia and New Zealand. “Over the past few years we have seen an enormous amount of compression in the Australian market in both the supply and print production corners of the industry” commented Ben Eaton, CEO of the Starleaton group. “I have had great respect for DES over the years as I have watched the business grow both organically and through acquisitions of its own. The opportunity to bring two great brands under one roof furthers our plans while staying true to our message of offering a market leading portfolio of products and service…..It’s not often you find two family owned businesses that share the same passion and culture. This really is an exciting next move for us.”

We are looking to extend our reach further in 2017, by working with yet more like-minded distributors to expand and develop the market for see-through graphics and the hundreds of applications they support, so watch this space.

Contra Vision North America, Inc. appoints Tommy Le

Contra Vision North America, Inc. Western Region Sales Manager

Contra Vision North America, Inc., the Atlanta-based manufacturer of see-through graphics materials, has appointed Tommy Le to the role of Western Region Sales Manager. Tommy is based out of Orange County, CA and his role will cover the Western US.

Tommy’s will be a familiar face to many. An industry veteran of over ten years, Tommy most recently drove printer sales on behalf of Mimaki in the LA region. He has also worked for Piedmont Plastics and Intelicoat Technologies in sales roles.

Tommy’s position supports his colleagues in PA and GA enabling Contra Vision to service its national distribution network and printers across the US. The appointment is well timed. With new products in development and interest in see-through graphics growing strongly, Tommy immediately has a fast-filling diary.

When he’s not spreading the word for Contra Vision and supporting its customers, Tommy “relaxes” on his Triumph motorcycle. “I’m delighted to be joining Contra Vision at a time when the company is growing strongly and when it has so much to share with new products and applications,” he says. “I’m really looking forward to meeting our distributors and other customers and I’m ready to do what it takes to support them.”

Susan’s “Fun”raising Adventure to Vietnam

Susan Morrey (Contra Vision’s Accounts Administrator) had an intrepid adventure of her own in aid of the MacMillan Nurses charity. In a moment of madness last year, Susan agreed to cycle 248 miles from Vietnam to Cambodia to help raise funds for a very worthwhile cause.

Susan is not an experienced cyclist or regular world traveller (this was the first time she has flown overseas without her family), but after eating up significant mileage on two wheels every weekend, facing personal fears of the unknown and having suffered more than a few vaccinations for every exotic disease known to man, Susan was ready to face her challenge. Sue and the rest of the team successfully completed the trip and Susan individually raised over £2,000.

Cold weather ahead!

Even when the temperature dips Contra Vision performs

As Winter approaches and temperatures start to drop have you considered whether you are applying perforated window film that can cope with the cold?

All self-adhesive vinyl including perforated window films have a minimum application temperature. Extreme temperatures can affect the performance of the face film and adhesive and low temperatures can make installation difficult, if not impossible. If temperatures are below the minimum application temperature the adhesive can become brittle resulting in the material failing to bond effectively to the glass.

Extensive testing has shown that Contra Vision® Performance™ and Contra Vision® Campaign™ perforated window films can be applied reliably at 5°C/41°F.

This is considerably lower than most other perforated window films, which typically have minimum application temperatures of 10°C/50°F.

The minimum application temperature of 5°C/41°F refers to the temperature of the glass, not the air temperature, as the temperature of the glass can remain lower than the surrounding air. We recommend that in cold weather Contra Vision® perforated windows films are applied in the afternoon, preferably after the windows have been warmed by the sun. Temperature should not drop below 0°C/32°F within 2 hours of application and not drop below -5°C/23°F within 24 hours of application. The use of a heat gun to warm the surface of a window is not recommended as this may cause the glass to crack.

In the winter months storage temperatures can significantly drop and we recommend that the material is warmed to room temperature well before application. The same applies when transporting graphics, the material being allowed to reach room temperature before application, particularly if left in a cold vehicle overnight.

During application, ensure that the surface is dry and free from any condensation. Thoroughly clean the surface from dust, grease or any contamination that could affect the adhesion of the material. Do not use a chemical adhesion promoter. Application must be dry, ensuring that the graphics are cut back from the edge of the window by 1-3mm (3/16”-1/8”) and that all joins are butt joins. Do not overlap. We recommend that the graphics are not cleaned for a minimum of 24 hours after installation.

Last paragraph – In extreme climates, temperatures may never reach our minimum application of 5°C/41°F. In this case the use of inside mount perforated window films such as Contra Vision® Performance™ Clear perforated window film or Contra Vision® Sprint™ will help overcome this issue.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.