Marking a major milestone with the help of Contra Vision Campaign.

JLG Industries, Inc. are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment and are celebrating 50 years in the business. To mark this milestone, they wanted to create some stunning graphics for their store frontages.

The project was a collaboration between Displays and Graphics, Inc. Harrisburg, PA and Graphics Universal, Inc. Greencastle, PA.

Contra Vision Campaign White on Black was chosen to print the stunning graphics using both 54” and 60” roll widths.

JLG Industries Contra Vision Perforated Window Film

As this was a short-term campaign to celebrate the 50th year, it was essential that the material had excellent removable qualities and this was one reason why the Contra Vision material stood out from the crowd.


Print quality is of great importance to both Displays and Graphics, Inc. and Graphics Universal, Inc. and for this reason four separate samples were printed using different manufacturers perf product. All perf products tested were at comparable prices.

“The Contra Vision product literally blew the others away as far as quality of print was concerned” commented Ryan Felty from Displays and Graphics. “We were challenged with some really cold weather and a short window of opportunity to complete the fitting. The Contra Vision product was easy to install and had great adhesion”.

JLG Industries Contra Vision Perforated Window Film

Everything was printed on a Mutoh 1624 Eco Solvent Printer and the installation took place in January. Five separate locations were successfully completed in just three days, clearly demonstrating the skills from the fitting teams and quality of the Contra Vision material.


Specifying Contra Vision just got easier with our NEW Product Selector

Here at Contra Vision we offer an unrivalled range of films for one-way vision applications. Every window and every project is unique and that’s why we have a range of films that perfectly suits very application!

ps sketch-01

Our NEW Product Selector is designed to make understanding and choosing Contra Vision products really easy. Next time you have a project that could use perforated window film, just reach for this invaluable source of information. You’ll quickly find the ideal product, be it short-term or long-term, outside or inside application and you can select the perfect option for level of image impact and transparency.

To request your PRODUCT SELECTOR please enter your details here.

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Contra Vision Product Selector

Can’t See Your Perforated Window Film At Night?

Ensuring that graphics are visible is the first priority for any promotional campaign. However, during the hours of darkness,  conventional (white on black) perforated window film can suffer from image fading and can become completely transparent with strong lighting inside a building making this basic requirement a real challenge.

Performance Translucent White perforated window film utilizes the ambient building lighting and offers great results, both day and night.

As an example, the television series “The Voice” relied heavily on window graphics particularly as they are featured during the TV broadcast. The design agency responsible, The Creative Place, contacted Contra Vision as the material they chose for the first series lacked the required impact.

Performance Translucent White Perforated Window Film at night.
Performance Translucent White Perforated Window Film at night.
Generic brand of White on Black Perforated Window Film at night
Generic brand of White on Black Perforated Window Film at night

Even in the worst possible lighting conditions, the difference is remarkable*.

Don’t get left out in the dark!


*Consideration needs to be given when using Performance Translucent White perforated window film as strong sources of internal lighting at the wrong angle may burn through the graphics. Overall the impact of the graphics will always be greater than conventional white on black perforated films.

Read the full Creative Place & BBC Media City case study here. 

Cold Weather Ahead!

Tips for a successful Installation…

All self-adhesive vinyl including perforated window films have a minimum application temperature and low temperatures can make installation difficult, if not impossible. If temperatures are below the minimum application temperature the adhesive can become hard, resulting in the material failing to bond effectively to the glass.

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Blue is the colour

A new livery on the Huddersfield FC Team bus was recently unveiled, resulting in a striking end result which will definitely attract attention wherever it goes.

The attention however, will not result in any invasion of privacy for the travelling players and staff due to a superbly executed application of vinyl by the Stoke-on-Trent based printing company Graphix.

Graphix managed to apply 140metres of both solid and Contra Vision® perforated film in just two days, but this is even more impressive when you notice the accuracy of colour matching between the two different films. Continue reading “Blue is the colour”

404 Store Not Found…

If you’re in Chicago, Boston, NYC, Seattle, Philadelphia or Denver you may have seen some bright blue store fronts stating ‘404 store not found’. This attention-grabbing stunt is by US cell phone service provider Visible (a Verizon owned start-up company).

You’ll be familiar with the ‘404’ error code when the server can’t find what has been requested. The same goes for Visible’s stores. They do not exist. They have no visible locations. They are INVISIBLE. If you do stumble across one you will be greeted with the below message. Continue reading “404 Store Not Found…”

SWS Signage and Starleaton bring Uni past to life…

Original Post by Jake Nelson (

SWS Signage, together with media supplier Starleaton, has created an innovative solution to hide building works inside the University of Newcastle, printing one way films with images that reflect the heritage of building.

To hide the interior refurbishment works, the university turned to SWS Signage, based in nearby Sandgate. SWS printed archival photos from the 1920s and ’30s onto Performance HD White on Black Perforated Window Film, designed for one-way viewing. “They wanted a solution that created some privacy for them, and also made sure that the artwork displayed in the windows reflected the heritage of the building,” said Jay Miller, sales executive at SWS.

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